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Sally Bullivant ( Sent You a Personal Message [] 
12/14/2017 10:30:55 AM 

Cooper, Roy A [/o=ExchangeLabs/ou=Exchange Administrative Group 

Subject: [External] No more pipelines in North Carolina 

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Dear Gov. Roy A. Cooper III, 

I'm writing to urge you to publicly declare your opposition to future development of gas and oil 
pipelines in North Carolina. 

These pipelines threaten our community's water and climate and shift the costs of these expensive, 
unneeded projects onto ratepayers as the rights of property owners are trampled by large corporations. 

Each pipeline crossing of waterways or wetlands risks pollution and sedimentation during construction. 

The threat is too big as we learned in April 2017 when more than 2 million gallons of drilling fluid 
spilled into an Ohio wetland during the construction of the Rover Pipeline. 

Adding to the potential destruction are the emissions from burning even more fossil fuels. This continued 
dependence on dirty sources of energy is especially painful when ratepayers are asked to pay for pipeline 
projects through fuel surcharges on their bill and available renewable sources of energy are cheaper and 


Ms. Sally Bullivant 
6305 Lanham Drive 
Wilmington, NC 28409 
(910) 515-5021 

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